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You may just think this is pretty picture but really it’s how seaworld incloses their beautiful animals in spaces comparable to a fish tank. their fight to get out is so powerful they can almost break the glass! The irony in this is that he is in trapped in a fishbowl I’m the ocean saying that at seaworld they say they keep them in Enough space but they really don’t.

Oh my fucking god. Stop trying to give seaworlda bad rep when you’ve never even been backstage to see this you twat. Seaworld does not do this. Do you have any proof?? No. Have you ever seen it??? No. Jfc.

I’ve been to sea world multiple times and have been backstage. And it is no better. The tanks are even smaller than the show pool. You can compare the situation of an orca being in a tank at sea world as being in a room with nothing to keep you entertained. Just a blank, empty room. Oh, and you have 5-10 other roommates to share it with and you cannot understand or communicate with them since you do not speak the same language, and some are very aggressive. 
"Stop trying to give sea world a bad rep". You don’t even need to try. How about you stop being so rude by calling her a twat and do some fucking research yourself and get your information from unbiased sources. So not blackfish or sea world. Then decide for yourself. You can start by looking at how the orcas in captivity died and the history of the ones still alive. 

How is this any different than a regular fish? You keep them in tanks! Hamsters? They’re in a cage! How about dogs? In “the wild” they would have oodles of space but instea they have a neighborhood an a backyard. And idk what sea world you’ve been too but all the ones I’ve been too have giant pools with even wider depths.

Oh god no please don’t tell me you compared orcas, one of the most intelligent and emotionally advanced creatures on this, to hamsters and dogs and worst of all, fish.
Yes you cannot release an animal that was DOMESTICATED OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS into the wild. Orcas are wild animals. They have only been captured since the 60s!
Ugh literally the small minds of you people! Fucking research before thinking your a smart ass. Not only are you hurting your own knowledge, but you are entirely misinforming people. Ridiculous.
And tilikum is 22 feet long. The deepest tank is only 54 feet long. That is not a lot at all. It isn’t a fucking neighborhood; it’s a blank, empty room that you have to share with other beings of your kind that you cannot communicate with and in tillys case, hate you. Orcas are NOT TERRITORIAL. IF YOU LIVE IN A HOUSE, YOU ARE A TERRITORIAL ANIMAL. orcas are simply NOT UNDER THAT CATEGORY GOD DAMNIT.
I’ve been to 2/3 sea worlds and know what the tanks look like at sea world San Diego. And it is NOT DEEP ENOUGH. It never will be large or deep enough. Just ugh EDUCATE YOUR FUCKING SELF.

Still laughing at the bellend that compared a whale to a hamster
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I found this on Twitter idk

dats me

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